4 Reasons to Use a Sewer Connect Portable Toilet on a Worksite
When the time comes to arrange construction work on a new site, there are so many things to consider. One of the most important, aside from making sure you have enough staff, a plan, and construction materials, is a toilet. After all, you can’t expect your workers to hold it in or knock on the doors of homeowners! However, herein lies the problem – what toilet type will you choose? Below you will find helpful information on why a sewer connect portable toilet may be the best option for you and your team.

1. Requires No Servicing

Depending on how much time you spend on a site, you can find the costs for servicing a waste tank toilet pile up – cutting into your job’s profits. A sewer connect portable toilet removes this problem. It delivers waste directly into the sewer line, eliminating the need to pay for a waste management company to take care of it for you.

2. They Don’t Use Any Chemicals

When you use a waste tank toilet, you often need to add chemicals to help break down the waste and mask the potent smell. A sewer connect portable toilet works the same as a household toilet. Once you flush your waste, it leaves the cubicle immediately and you don’t have to worry about it being stored in a tank.

3. More User-Friendly

Many people, construction workers included, would prefer to choose a sewer connect portable toilet over a waste tank toilet. Often, the smells and sights in a waste tank toilet – particularly in humid and warm conditions – can be a significant deterrent. With a sewer connect portable toilet, you not only benefit from no holding tank, but in many cases, an electrical light, fan, and other accessories that make going to the toilet as comfortable as it would be at home.

4. Convenient for High-Rise Buildings

Imagine having to travel down several levels and flights of stairs carrying human waste? It’s not a pleasant thought and an even lesser pleasant reality. That’s why sewer connect portable toilets are so ideal for high-rise construction sites. You can tap into sewer access on each floor level, enabling your workers to benefit from a standard toileting experience. What’s more, they disassemble quickly and with minimal effort for quick transportation in and out of buildings.

For further information and guidance on setting up sewer connect portable toilets on a worksite, contact Australian Portable Toilets at sales@portabletoilets.com.au or call 1800 POO WEE.