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Portable toilets have been in demand since recorded in the early 1940’s. Our growing population, changing lifestyles’ and higher standards for sanitation and hygiene have exceedingly contributed to the need for such a facility. Whether you’re seeking a portable toilet unit for your private property, farm, workplace or event, we have got you covered! At Australian Portable Toilets, maintaining hygiene can be made easy with great quality, durable portable toilet units. Although searching for second hand units or portable toilets for hire may seem to appeal as a less costly option at first, we offer some of the best portable toilets for sale on the market that are indeed worth investing in. At Australian Portable Toilets, our superior and high quality materials will surpass the expected standard.

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Today, the concept of portable toilets has completely changed. Our units are not the stereotyped smelly ones that are hard to operate and look clumsy. Our modern-day units offer superior features and are designed to serve public sectors, which mandate the freedom of using mobile units. Event management, festivals and construction sites constantly require portable toilets that can be quickly maneuvered from one place to the next without difficulty. The portable toilet industry will continue to flourish as people are continuing to gather in these public areas. Therefore, at Australian Portable Toilets, we will persist to ensure your needs are met with easy-to-move and use units with improved quality and cleanliness.

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If you are planning to invest in a portable toilet, an important aspect to consider is the quality of material. The unit should be strong and able to withstand rigorous movement, frequent usage and of course, the unpredictability of our weather conditions. Our units are specifically designed to endure the knocks, bumps and recurrent usage along with the wind, rain, sun and even snow! Our locally sourced plastics ensure that our cabinets are suitable for any location, and our innovative toilet design offers a convenient and diversified range of features.

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We manufacture and supply world-class portable showers, toilets, compost toilets, toilet trailers, hand wash stations, vacuum tanks as well as large waste tanks. We also provide an extensive variety of eco-friendly toilet deodorisers, fragrance enhancers and all-over cleaners to keep your unit in prime condition.

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We offer quality portable toilets across Australia, including but not limited to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth. We also supply overseas, quite commonly to New Zealand. Hence, wherever there is a need for better sanitation and personal hygiene, our portable toilets will provide a superior solution.

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If you have made the decision to invest in a high quality portable toilet or have any queries, kindly get in touch with us on 1800 766 933 or 03 9701 5700. Our professionals will address all your questions and will ensure that your purchasing will be a smooth process without any hassle or confusion. After all, we look forward to serving you better.

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