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Ez Plumb 1000 Vacuum Pump


The Masport EZ Plumb 1000 is a high-performance vacuum pump in a compact package.

Designed to use with vacuum tank sizes between 2840 and 3785 litres, it has a 2:1 direct drive gearbox and a built-in centrifugal clutch. 

EZ Plumb 1000

Features & Benefits:

  • Integrated battery 
  • Integrated oil reservoir 
  • Integrated vacuum/pressure gauge 
  • Integrated vacuum and pressure relief valves
  • Integrated pre-filter with washable stainless steel element 
  • 2:1 Direct Drive Gearbox – no belts to squeal, slip or replace
  • 2″ hose barb connection – plump directly to your RIV or Metaltecnica Scrubber 
  • Built-in centrifuge clutch – allows for better horsepower transfer and the engine to idle without having the pump running. 

Mar Airflow 112 cubic feet per minute @ free air
Engine Honda 9HP, electric start
Vacuum (Continuous) 20"
Pressure (Continuous) 5-10
Recommended Tank Size 2840 - 3785 Litres
Need a Vacuum Tank?
Need a Vacuum Tank?
We have a range of vacuum tanks that are completely self-contained and ready to go with your vacuum pump. View our 1700L, 3000L or 3750L tanks here. 
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