To Hire or to Buy Portable Toilets

“To hire or to buy?”

This is a question that most construction companies end up wrestling with at some stage – often just before the next job is due!

At Australian Portable Toilets, we help a wide range of construction companies across Australia SAVE MONEY by purchasing portable toilets outright, rather than hiring.

Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere from around $35 to $840 a week when hiring a portable toilet. This price does generally not include pump-out fees or any additional costs associated with damages and extending usage periods.

To Hire or to Buy Portable Toilets?

Buying vs Hiring Costs

Comparison based on hiring a portable toilet out at $49 a week for a period of 52 weeks (includes pump-out fees) with inflation set at 1.5% for each year after. Year 2 to Year 7 of buying a portable toilet takes into consideration monthly pump-out fees, consumables and any repairs with inflation set at 1.5% for each year after.

By purchasing portable toilets outright, you:

HAVE FLEXIBILITY  You can use the portable toilet when and where you want, for as long as you need (regardless of whether your projects run overtime!).

CAN USE THEM FOR MULTIPLE PROJECTS – Our portable toilets have been designed to last 10+ years, so that you can use them for project, after project, after project…

RECEIVE QUALITY ASSURANCE –  When you purchase a portable toilet, it’s brand-spanking new – no other bum has touched it! It has been manufactured with meticulous attention to detail and you’ll receive peace of mind with a two-year warranty on the cabinet and a one-year guarantee on all accessories and parts.

SAVE MONEY – You can generally pay off the purchase off a portable toilet in just one or two projects and then it’s yours! There are no hidden fees, and if you decide you no longer need the toilet, you can quickly sell it second-hand for a high price.

Ready to flush hiring?

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