Float Alarm

Liquid Level Float Alarm is designed to provide warning indication and alarm when a water or waste storage tank is full. Housed in a robust polycarbonate enclosure, the alarm features audible and visual alarms and a keypad interface with status indicator lights and alarm mute button.  Ideal for use in applications where the water being discharged from an ablution must be pumped away, the Valve Shut-Off version features an output for a pulse latching solenoid valve, shutting off water supply when the outfall tank is too full, to prevent overflowing.

Features & Specifications

  • High level alarm – When the first float switch closes, the alarms will activate to warn of rising level in the tank/pit
  • Valve shut-off – If the water level continues to rise and the second float switch closes, the alarms will activate and the controller will pulse close the valve, ensuring no further mains water is used, to prevent the level in the outfall tank from rising further.
  • Power failure – In the event of mains power failure, the valve will be pulse closed
  • Alarm reset – The alarm can be configured to auto reset, allowing normal operation to resume once the high level has cleared, or latching, requiring manual reset before operation can resume
  • Auto-silencing alarm – If not muted, the buzzer will silence after 5 minutes (this feature can be disabled if a continuous alarm is required)


  • IP54 rated, polycarbonate enclosure with mounting brackets


  • Low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Quick plug connections, no hard wiring required

Control & interface:

  • Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms
  • Level alarm keypad interface:
    – Indicator lights for power on, level alarm
    – Alarm mute/reset/test button
  • Shut-off controller PCB control module with dipswitches for adjusting alarm auto silencing and reset functions


  • Single phase (230Vac) power supply
  • 2x quick plug digital 12Vdc inputs for high level float switches


  • BMS volt free output for common fault (NO & NC)
  • Quick plug 12Vdc pulse latching output for solenoid valve

Included with panel:

  • 10 Amp 3 pin 1m power supply lead
  • 2x 9006 float switches with 10m cable and quick plug connectors
  • 25mm female/female 12Vdc pulse latching solenoid valve


Delivery & Warranty
Delivery Timeframe: Once your order is processed, we will be in contact to confirm your delivery date. On average, all orders are dispatched within 1-3 business days and delivered within 3-10 business days. All orders are delivered Monday to Friday and usually within business hours. In some selected zones, we may be able to deliver before 9 am. Your driver will contact you the day before OR on the morning of your delivery with an approximate drop-off time. Warranty Period: The Float Alarm comes with a 12-month warranty period.

You will need to employ a licensed plumber to install the solenoid valve to the waste or water tank system.