Portable Handwash Station

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Free-standing and extremely lightweight, the Portable Hand Washing Station is fantastic for high-traffic events. It features two individual handwash stations that can comfortably hold up to 115L of Fresh Water and 85L of grey water at any one time.

  • Two sinks with hands-free foot pumps for hand washing

  • A 115L fresh water tank

  • An 85L Waste/Grey Water Tank

  • 1 x fresh water inlet

  • 3 x waste outlets (2 in the grey water tank; and 1 in the fresh water tank)

  • 2 x inspection ports

  • 2 x Slimline Paper Towel Dispenser

  • 2 x Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser


Colour: Grey
Fresh Water Tank Capacity: 115L
Waste/Grey Water Tank Capacity: 85L
Dimensions: 530mm (W) x 780mm (L) x 1345mm (H)
Weight: 36kg (empty)

Delivery & Warranty

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Unloading Facilities:
To unload the Portable Hand Washing Station, a two-person lift or mechanical apparatus, such as a forklift, tractor or excavator; may be required.

Warranty Period:
The Portable Hand Washing Station comes with a 24-month warranty period.

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