Portable Toilets on Construction Sites: What You Need to Know

Preparing a site for construction is a significant undertaking, with a lot of effort put into planning, budgets, staff, and estimated times. What is equally as important, but can quickly be forgotten, is where your team can go to the toilet!

While the “nearest bush” may have been the best answer several years ago, health and safety protocols now dictate a new scenario – and it’s one that can help to protect the eyes of passing motorists as well as your team’s dignity and comfort. When you are considering adding portable toilets to a construction site, there are a few considerations you need to make – such as these below:

When Do You Need One?

If your construction team is working at a non-permanent site with no toilet facilities nearby, then you will need to consider purchasing waste tank portable toilets or sewer-connected portable toilets. If your team has to walk 200 metres to the nearest restroom, you are going to need to consider buying one or more.

How Many Do You Need?

Health and safety protocols dictate that you need to have one male facility for every 15 men, a female toilet for every ten women, and unisex facilities if there are 10 or fewer workers and two or less of one gender.

How Do You Look After It?

It can seem like a hassle to maintain a portable toilet, but fortunately, the process is relatively straightforward. You can set your portable toilet up on flat ground, with a clear entrance to it, and with an on-site cleaning and servicing plan in place.

Rather than make your team get their hands dirty, a waste management company can take care of all operational components, including pumping, rinsing, and replacing the toilet paper.

WorkSafe recommendations also suggest you must take care of waste before it exceeds 50 percent of its capacity, with at least one weekly visit for maintenance for up to 10 workers, and two for up to 20.

For further information and guidance on setting up portable toilets on a construction site, contact Australian Portable Toilets at sales@portabletoilets.com.au or call 1800 POO WEE.