Portable Toilet - Why Cleaning and Sanitation is Important for You

It is important to provide a regularly cleaned portable toilet as it keeps users safe by stopping the spread of disease. Without regular cleaning, portable toilets can quickly become filthy and contaminated.

As Covid 19 spreads throughout the globe, it has highlighted the importance of hygiene in our homes, workplaces and communities.

Sanitation is one of the most important aspects of community well-being as it protects our health, increases life expectancy, and has been shown to have economic benefits.

Clean portable toilets provide users with a safe environment in which waste can be removed and stored correctly.

Do I Need to Use Portable Toilet Cleaning Products?

Deodorisers or chemicals is intended to keep the toilet bowl clean, ease waste removal, reduce odours, and create sanitary conditions.

How to Keep Your Portable Toilet Clean

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Which Portable Toilet Cleaning Product should I use?

Breakdown Waste

A waste tank deodoriser will break down waste and reduce odours. Available in different forms and scents.
• Potty Fresh Plus – 55 tablets/bag or 220 tablets/carton
• Super Turbo Tubes Deodoriser (1 Litre)
• Potty Fresh Plus XL – (19 Litres)
• Power Packets – Coming Soon!

Eliminating Odour

  • Deodoriser discs will combat any residual odours and provide a fresher scent for longer.
  • Air Works Deodoriser Discs – 300/carton or 100/bag – Lemon Twist, Tropical Melon, Raspberry, Mulberry, Pine
  • J-Spray – fragrant biodegradable spray, can be used as a wash down solution

Keep Your Hands Clean

Soap Dispensers

• Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser –Wall-mounted – holds 800ml Soap Pouch/Bag
• Refillable Soap Dispenser – Wall-mounted – holds up to 1000ml liquid hand soap.
• Soap Refills (800ml) – orange-scented

Paper Towels

• Dispenser – wall-mounted Slim Line Stainless Steel
• Refills – suitable for the Slim Line Paper Towel Dispenser

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