Our products are a step above anything else in the market

Today we shine the spotlight on our QLD Warehouse Manager, Adrian Bimrose, and his journey at Australian Portable Toilets so far.

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A mechanic!

Did you end up becoming a mechanic?

Yes, I did. I was a qualified mechanic for 15 years, and then I moved into fabrication and welding, which has ended up being my real passion.

Building portable toilets must fit nicely into that then?

Yeah, it does. I just like using my hands and making things. You should see my man cave at home, it’s full of Ned Kelly Armour I’ve made myself out of steel!

That actually sounds really cool! So, how long have you been with the team at Australian Portable Toilets?

I joined in September, so I’ve been with the team for about 5 months now.

And if you were speaking to a child, how you would describe your role?

I’d say it’s like making little cubby houses.

…for people to shit in! But in all seriousness, what does a typical day look like for you?

Well, my days are always busy. I’m always building something, whether it be toilets or showers, and if I’m not doing that, I’m helping customers who are coming to pick up their orders or organizing transport with our freight providers.

Is there any particular product of ours that you like the best?

I don’t have a favourite, but I think all of our products are a step above anything else out there in the portable sanitation market. I’m always looking at portable toilets now when I’m out and about, and I can confidently say that all of our toilets are not only good-looking but really high in quality.

Good-looking hey? On a scale of 1-10?

10 out of 10. Since taking over Australian Portable Toilets, Daryn and Jude have done a fantastic job from taking the company to what it was to what it is now. Even just the changes since I’ve been here have made a hell of a difference.

Like what?

Well, we’ve recently added a new headboard to our portable toilets to make the units stronger overall and to help prevent racking or twisting when lifting. It might seem like a small change, but the feedback from hire and rental customers already has been extremely positive, and it’s just elevated the quality of our toilets by 100%.

That’s amazing! We better let you get back to building toilets, but before we do, one last question. What has surprised you most about working at Australian Portable Toilets?

How many toilets people can order!