How to Set Up Your Statesman Portable Toilet for the First Time
Just received a Statesman Portable Toilet from us? Yi-PEE!

We know you’re busting to christen it, but before you do, please follow the below steps to finish setting up your portable toilet.

1. Fill up the freshwater tank with water.

This water is used for flushing away your business and washing your hands. The water tank can be filled up screwing off the Filler Cap next to the basin.

Make sure to only fill it to ¾ of its capacity, as filling it up past the basin line may cause unwanted leakage! You can check the water level by screwing off the Filler Cap and looking down into the water tank.

If you overfill the water tank, never fear! You can drain some of the water by screwing off the Drain Plug found underneath the basin, above the small foot pump for your handwashing.

Statesman Portable Toilet

2. Place some water in the waste tank. 

To help break down whatever comes out of your bum, we recommend putting some water in the bottom of the waste tank, to begin with. To do this, just lift the toilet bowl up and add in 10-20 litres of water through a garden hose or a bucket.

Statesman Portable Toilet

3. Throw in some deodorisers.

To keep those nasty smells away, add 1 Deodoriser Tablet to the waste tank with the water. For ongoing maintenance, you’ll need to repeat this step every one to two weeks.

Statesman Portable Toilet Deodoriser

And that’s it, your Statesman Portable Toilet is all set up and ready to go!

Still got questions? Email us at or give us a call on 1800 POO WEE.