Buying a Portable Shower? Here’s 5 Things You Need to Consider
Whether you’re looking to kit out an event with customer facilities, or you want affordable ablution options for your team of workers, you may find a portable shower is the thing to tick all the boxes. Offering all the conveniences of a home shower, it’s an entirely mobile unit you can move from one site to the next with minimal hassle. However, before you get the party started, you need to consider the following points.

1. The Location

It doesn’t matter what you intend on doing with a portable shower; you need to be smart with the location – because there is a right and a wrong place to put one. You should always make sure you install it on a flat surface away from sloping land, and that it is, of course, outside! What’s more, the more shelter you can provide your portable shower, the better. You may like to consider tree coverage to prevent it from falling over in harsh weather.

2. Heater Type

Just because you aren’t showering at home, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a decent, luxurious shower that’s hot. Consider what heater you will use within your portable shower – gas or electric. You can also request additional extras such as a wall bracket or trolley for the heating unit.

3. Water Supply

Unlike a portable toilet that holds wastewater in a tank, a portable shower requires you to have access to a water supply. The question is, where is it going to come from, and is it hot or cold? The easiest way to gain access to water for your portable shower is with a garden hose from either a groundwater supply or a tank. You can also install a hot water faucet nearby to heat the water quickly for convenience.

4. Waste Water Drainage

Once you have had your shower and you’re squeaky clean, you need to consider where the water is going to drain. The most effective method will be to connect a hose to the back of the shower, allowing it to flow out into a gutter, ditch, or drainage hole. You may also like to consider placing the portable shower in an area with sunlight to help drainage water dry up or position a drain underneath the cabinet.

5. Accessories

Just because your shower is temporary and portable, doesn’t mean it can’t be comfortable with all the conveniences of your own shower at home. You can have access to a stainless steel curtain rail, shelf, foot wash step, a mirror, flick mixer tap, and more. On request, you may also like a soap dispenser, solar exterior or interior lighting, and a wall bracket for heating.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working off-site overnight, or you’re hosting an event, you don’t have to rough it! Stay squeaky clean with a portable shower.

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