8 of the Best: Camping Essentials for Your Next Adventure
Camping these days doesn’t necessarily mean ‘roughing it’. There are so many modern amenities available that you can feel just as comfortable camping as you can at home watching TV. Well… almost.

While you want to be able to travel light when you camp (especially if you don’t have a large vehicle), it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to skimp on anything. Camping with the right gear can make it an excellent experience for anyone involved.

For ultimate comfort, we have compiled a list of the best glamping accessories for your next trip.

  1. A Quality Tent

This will make the world of difference when the going gets rough. A high-quality tent will offer you more space, better protection from the weather and will be far more comfortable.

  1. A Camping Trailer

If you can afford it, invest in a camping trailer. They are easy to transport and simple to set up. Most of them also have built-in electrical outlets, so you can take your heater, portable air conditioner, TV, hair straightener or beer fridge.

  1. Appropriate Sleeping Gear

If you want to be comfortable, make sure the gear you sleep in is suitable. For example, a warm sleeping bag in winter will help to keep the frostbite away and light pyjamas in summer will stop you sweating like crazy. ALWAYS take your favourite pillow and choose a very comfortable inflatable mattress.

  1. Solar Panels

If you want comfort in the way of electrical items, and you won’t have access to powered sites, solar energy is a great alternative to deliver what you want. Through the use of solar panels, you can keep those beers cold, cook dinner, or recharge your phone to play your favourite music.

  1. Comfortable Camping Chairs

This goes without saying really, a comfortable camping chair = relaxation. So, skip the cheap and nasties and splash out on the most luxurious camping chair you can afford. It will be worth every dollar!

  1. Camping Toilet

A camping toilet is one of THE most important necessities you need. This is because there is nothing worse than having to do your business behind the bushes and digging a hole. While there are a number of different types of camping toilets, a favourite among many is the Thetford Porta Potti. It has a high capacity waste holding tank, a flush system for easy disposal and a natural seating height.

  1. Camping Stoves

To cook up a delicious feast, you can’t go wrong with two double burner camping stoves. Not only will it make cooking a little bit less frustrating, but it means you will be able to make coffee, cook bacon, eggs, and toast all at the same time!

  1. Good Lighting

Good lighting is essential, especially when you are trying to cook in the dark. A good option is LED lights as they are usually affordable, use low amounts of energy and are very easy to use.

By glamping up your camping trip with the above items, we have no doubt you will feel more comfortable and want to go more. Have fun!