Portable Toilet Units

Single skinned cabinet


Premium | Standard

Ideal for frequent usage and low maintenance. This unit has large waste and water tanks and comes in a single or double skinned cabinet. A rear waste valve may also be attached.

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Double skinned cabinet



Our top of the range unit, suited for special events. This unit is similar to the Statesman however it has an additional water tank to allow chemical to be added to the flushing tank.

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Sewer connect

Sewer Connect

Direct Connection

This unit hooks straight up to an existing sewer line. Sitting in a completely double skinned cabinet, the unit also has an aluminum checker-plate flooring and stainless steel basin for ultimate durability.

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Ez-Loo Compost Toilet

Ez-Loo Compost Toilet


A self-contained composting toilet, ideal for remote areas where water is not readily accessible. Specifically suited for 4 people full-time use / 6 people part-time use.

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Spike green



One of the most advanced portable toilets to hit the market! Spike is easy to assemble, can be shipped unassembled and also stacked 4 high reducing transport costs.

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Rapidloo blue



The most innovative toilet to hit the market for a long time. It can be assembled or disassembled in less than 2 minutes. The Rapidloo can be stacked 4 high so reducing transport costs.

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