Commonly used in developing countries (and before the invention of flush toilets), squat toilets are being praised as a new way to look after your health.


Well, it turns out that squatting to do your business actually allows a clearer and straighter passage for your stools to pass through.

Research has been carried out to determine the differences between squatting and sitting, and one study has shown that the average time for passing a bowel movement can be up to 79 seconds quicker when squatting. It also places less abdominal straining on the body which can reduce the risk of developing tears of the anal lining, and may be useful for people with chronic constipation.

Squat Toilets

With a quarter of Australians now born overseas, and after frequently hearing that the squat method was being used on our standard portable toilets, it got us wondering…how could we support this popular movement?

We noticed that organisations such as the Australian Taxation Office had already introduced squat toilets into their Melbourne office to accommodate cultural diversity, but there was nothing in the portable sanitation industry…until now!

The latest addition to our portable toilet family is the Eastern Squat Toilet. And yup, as you can guess – it has an eastern style toilet bowel to enable you to maintain your squatting position while doing your business comfortably. It also comes with a 300L waste tank and a 70L fresh water tank capacity. The killer thighs from the squatting is just an added bonus.

Squat Toilets
So we’d love to know – do you prefer to sit or squat? Tell us in the comments below!

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