Premium & Standard

The Sapphire unit is our deluxe portable toilet. It is the only portable toilet on the market that has dual fresh water tanks; one tank for hand washing and one tank for the toilet flush. This enables the flush tank to have an additive such as a deodoriser so the flush water looks blue and smells clean. The Sapphire is ideal for someone who is looking for something a little more special and upmarket for weddings and VIP events etc. Like the Statesman, the Sapphire has a large waste tank and is strong and durable, it’s ideal for:

  • Camping and events
  • Construction sites
  • Civil construction and quarries
  • Home builder
  • Farms
  • Industrial and commercial
  • Private backyards

Premium Materials

Our toilets are manufactured from premium materials, they don’t have regrind plastic or cheaper top up additives mixed into the product. The cabinet roof, door and wall panels are made from 3mm virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV additive, thus the cabinets retain their colour and look great for years. The toilet base is made from low density polyethylene (LDDPE) and is one of the toughest plastics around and is impervious to water absorption. This ensures that the base can withstand the rigours of frequent everyday usage. Also, to help keep your toilet looking great we’ve added a Teflon non-stick coating (like your frying pan) to the surface of the stainless-steel toilet bowl flap.

Optional Cabinets

  • Statesman Standard – single skin cabinet with double skin roof and door.
  • Statesman Premium – double skin cabinet with double skin roof and door.


Weight Sapphire Standard 140 kg
Sapphire Premium 165 kg
Waste tank capacity 400 Litres
Fresh water tank capacity 105 Litres


External 1130mm(W) x 1200mm(L) x 2350mm(H)
Door 720mm(W) x 2000mm(H)

*Approximate measurements only

Colours Available

Premium Only

Trailer Mounted Units

For ultimate mobility, mount your toilet unit to one of our galvanised trailer options

  • Single Trailer: fits one portable toilet – galvanised steel trailer with brakes.
  • Double Trailer: fits two portable toilets – galvanised steel trailer with brakes.

The Sapphire is available in a Standard single skin cabinet or Premium double skin cabinet and can be fitted with a rear waste valve, making it easy to empty the waste tank yourself. Other accessories such as lights and soap dispensers are common favourites among customers.

For ultimate versatility, the Sapphire can be mounted to a galvanised steel Single or Double Trailer. This is especially popular in regional areas and works sites where toilets need to be moved regularly.

Statesman Features

  • Patented double skin roof
  • Double skin cabinet
  • 4 x Certified lift points
  • Galvanised steel skid for easy forklift/trolley access
  • Foot pumps for hands-free washing
  • Non-slip self-draining floor (no pooling of water)
  • Largest door opening on the market (no cross member to hit your head on)
  • Large flat area on doors and walls to place your signage
  • Space for hand bags to be placed
  • Stainless steel toilet paper holder
  • Moulded vent pipe
  • Mirror
  • Coat hook

New Design Features

  • New modern design
  • More spacious interior
  • Easier and quicker to carry out maintenance
  • The largest waste tank on the market
  • World first new fresh water flush design
  • New basin waste plumbing design
  • New door spring with stainless steel chain
  • New toilet bowl with Teflon non-stick coating to the stainless-steel flap
  • Stainless steel lifting rods (3 times stronger than mild steel)
  • Upgraded corner mouldings

Our staff are both knowledgeable and helpful and understand that different situations require different setups. Feel free to call and discuss with our friendly staff about customising your toilet to meet your requirements.

Click to download PDF spec sheet.