Hygiene and Sanitation for festivals – Tips and Tricks

Hygiene and Sanitation for festivals – Tips and Tricks

Festivals can be great fun! Falls Festival, Soundwave, Coachella, Tomorrowland, Splendor in the Grass and Laneway Festival are a few that come to mind. However, if you are planning or participating in an outdoor event, you need to consider several factors to make it a successful day. A critical aspect that might often be looked over or forgotten is the presence of an efficient sanitation system or your own personal hygiene.

Follow these tips and tricks to help you plan or participate in a great event!

Location and visibility: Position the portable toilets in a dry and high area, visible to everyone. Having the units close to where beverages are being served will prove to be of great help too- especially if there is alcohol involved (there can be huge fines for public urination… yuck!) Make sure there is appropriate signage to guide the public to the right area.

Sanitation: Make sure that you have a hand wash station in the unit or a liquid hand soap dispenser. This will help to maintain hygiene and will also make your guests feel comfortable. If you’re a guest, packing a small liquid hand sanitiser bottle in your bag or a few wet-wipes will be handy!

Lighting: If you’re still partying when the sun goes down, make sure that the portable toilets are well-lit (think of solar options). This will ensure safety and security and will also prevent accidents. If you’re attending, you can pack a small hand torch in your backpack too.

Servicing: Depending on the frequency of usage and duration of the event, you need to ensure that the toilet is being cleaned and serviced at regular intervals. A messy toilet can be a huge turn-off. Pre-plan with deoderisers and air fresheners. Place garbage bins near the portable toilets for the guests to use as well.

Disabled-friendly: Organise portable toilet units with additional features for disabled people. Wheelchair access units are great- the presence of handrails and extra space for easy access will make it a better experience for the whole public.

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