The History, the Current and the Future of Portable Toilets

The History, the Current and the Future of Portable Toilets


Portable toilets provide effective sanitary solutions for outdoor locations that do not have permanent restrooms. They are lightweight, transportable and make the perfect solution for events and construction sites. With the convenience offered, portable toilets, indeed, are an amazing innovation. They have simplified the process of maintaining effective sanitation systems in locations without a powerful infrastructure. Besides, they have made it possible to host upscale outdoor events, as luxury portable toilets with modern amenities offer the comfort of a home.

Over the years, portable toilets have undergone great changes to emerge as units with improved styling and comfort. In this context, it is interesting to trace the history of portable toilets and observe the various alterations that have occurred.

Evolution Of Portable Toilets

The first portable toilet was created during the phase of the Second World War to serve the purpose of ship crews who spent a long time off-shore. They were built from metal and wood and were simple without any added amenities. Besides, they were much heavier than the present day portable restrooms. This made the process of lifting and moving extremely difficult. As a result, the next phase saw the evolution of toilets constructed from lighter materials.

The Invention Of Deodorizer

In those days, maintaining a clean restroom was difficult and this led to the invention of deodorizers. It was a ‘blue liquid’ created from a blend of chemicals and the primary purpose was to clean the toilets and mask the odor. In recent years, however, deodorizers contain chemicals that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause odor.

The Phase Of Modernization

The next phase of transformation occurred in the 1970’s with the use of fiberglass as the chief construction material. Since it was a lighter material, the process of moving and cleaning the restrooms became much easier. However, fiberglass was delicate and hence, the portability became an issue as the chances of damage was quite huge. Moreover, the material had the tendency to absorb the smell.

This was followed by the use of polyethylene restrooms that offered many more advantages as compared to fiberglass. They were light and durable and are probably the restrooms that are in use today. The fact that these restrooms are assembled from different parts, add to its advantages. This has made it easy for manufacturers to transport the restrooms over long distances to providers. Moreover, it is easy to remove the damaged parts and this has lowered the maintenance cost and longevity.

Luxury Restrooms

Today, luxury restroom trailers offer immense comfort to users. These restrooms have water sinks, the option to flush, and even heating and air conditioning options. Such trailers are widely used for special events and weddings.

Indeed, over the years, the portable toilet industry has witnessed wide transformations to bring to us the modern portable restrooms. With the convenience offered, they make the ideal solution for outdoor events.

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