Ez-Loo Compost Toilet

Choose from our 2 models

The water-less Ez-Loo compost toilet is a self-contained composting toilet system designed for use where running water is not readily accessible. A silent fan increases air-flow within the system and generates enhanced evaporation capacity. Increased air-flow combined with microbiological activity establishes ideal conditions for efficient break-down of the contents and guarantee completely odour-free operation. An appealing design and simplicity of use make the Ez-Loo a great choice for any location. The aerobic decomposition and evaporation functions reduce human waste to a hygienically-safe material that can be recycled back to nature without polluting the environment.



Weight 11.5kg
Dimensions 670mm(L) x 400mm(W) x 630mm(H)
Colour White
Material High grade UV-coated ABS Plastic; Stainless Steel

*Approximate measurements only

Options – Choose from our 2 models

  • Ez-Loo Solar – Solar power and 12 volt battery
    Ideal if your site has no access to power. The WattPak is an integrated solar energy system that is the perfect solution for your off the grid power requirements. The system includes a solar panel and long life lithium battery and provides 120 Watt-hours of clean solar energy. (Please talk to our friendly staff about the additional solar panel and battery packs!)
  • Ez-Loo Power – 115V
    Plugs straight in. Ideal if your site has unlimited/continuous access to power.

Ez-Loo Information

  • 4 people full-time use / 6 people part-time use (more than this will hinder the composting process)
  • Reduces waste by over 90%, leaving behind nutrient rich, hygienically safe compost for disposal
  • Silent 12V fan and convenient drain system for any excess liquid
  • Easily connect instead to existing solar panel and/or 12V battery (not included- sold separately)
  • Two batch composting system allows for maximum capacity
  • Designed for easy installation using common handyman tools
  • Modern soft-closing toilet seat and elegant design to fit any décor
  • Swedish Engineering

Our staff are both knowledgeable and helpful and understand that different situations require different setups. Feel free to call and discuss with our friendly staff about customising your toilet to meet your requirements.

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