The Common Misconception about Portable Toilets

The Common Misconception about Portable Toilets

When planning an event, it is necessary to set an effective plan to make your event a success. Among the various aspects that require careful consideration, having an efficient sanitation system is a must. However, does the thought of a portable toilet deter you from hiring one? Do you have a negative perception about portable restrooms? Are you wondering about other alternatives?

Well, there are a lot of misconceptions about portable restrooms that are far from truth. In fact, portable toilets offer an affordable way of providing useful sanitation solutions for your events. Listed below are commonly held misconceptions about portable toilets:

Portable toilets are dirty:

There is a common perception that portable toilets are always unhygienic and dirty. However, with the right portable toilet unit and regular servicing, you can ensure cleanliness of the highest standards. To make the best use of your portable toilets and extend a comfortable experience to guests, you need to choose the right unit, deoderisers and pump out services.

Unsuitable for upscale events:

If you are hosting an up-scale event, you might have doubts as to whether the portable restroom will fit into a luxurious setting. However, there is a wide range of luxury portable restrooms that have extra amenities to offer a great experience to your guests. In fact, modern portable restrooms can offer the same convenience like that of an indoor bathroom. Luxury portable restrooms offer the sophistication that your event requires.

Portable toilets are expensive:

Buying a portable toilet is a lot more affordable than they are believed to be. A wide variety of portable toilets are available and you can select based on the need of your event. With proper planning, you can have the right number of units and type of portable restrooms to make your event a successful and comfortable one. The vast variety available will give you the option of choosing units that will fit your budget.

Lack facilities:

People are often turned off by the belief that portable units do not have the provision to wash hands. However, even some of the basic portable restrooms do have hand basins or at least hand sanitiser pumps. You can choose portable toilets with added amenities or set up a separate hand-washing unit next to it.

Portable toilets harm the environment:

This is again a myth, as permanent restrooms do more harm to the environment than portable ones. Portable toilets are also often needed to prevent people from squatting and doing their business in public as this can be even more harmful all together! Portable toilets comparatively use less water and help to conserve resources. So, if you choose to hire or buy a portable toilet, you are indeed protecting the environment.

Will take too much space:

It is often assumed that portable restrooms take up too much space and might not fit in your event location. However, the reality is quite different. You can choose compact units that occupy a smaller space and even units on trailers which can be easily moved around. There are options with design and superior features that will make your guests enjoy your event to the fullest.

Now that you know the truth about portable toilets, you can easily add one for your next event and make your guests feels more at home. If you are looking for a portable toilet in Australia, get in touch with Australian Portable Toilets.

Australian Portable Toilets is a leading provider of portable sanitation solutions. With our range of high-quality and durable restrooms, you can be assured of extending a comfortable experience to your guests. We have an extensive range of toilets to precisely serve your requirement. Our portable toilets are strong to withstand frequent use. We also have a range of toilet deodorizers and fragrance enhancers for your restrooms. If you want to know more about our portable toilets, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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